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Posts published in “Psychology”

Staying True to Yourself

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This post will be different. Vaguer than usual. Or maybe clearer. We spend our entire lives trying to reconcile our internal voice with the voice of the world surrounding us.…

The Mystery of Mystery

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“The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer.” — Ken Kesey The world is full of mysteries. What is dark matter made of? How was Stonehenge built? What’s…

The Uncomfort Zone

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Ever since I started my recent intense writing journey, the number of topics I want to write about has been expanding steadily (exponentially would have been a much snappier choice…

Hello, Morning!

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I love mornings. Of all times and moments of a typical day, morning stands apart in its unmatched clarity. There is something about these few hours that makes them unlike…

The Tale of a Lost Cap

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Our lives are full of small things. In fact, some days just seem to be filled with them. You get up, anticipating some big, impactful accomplishments — and the next moment you…

On Showing Up

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Unless you are a fan of action-comedy or of Dwayne Johnson or of Kevin Hart or of any of the combination of the above, you may have never heard about…