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Best Streaming Deals Right Now – With Fine Print Spelled Out

Updated on: January 2022

The last thing you want to do when it comes to choosing a streaming service is to overpay. Cutting the cable is supposed to mean savings, but with a plethora of streaming services available now it’s easy to pay more than necessary. And finding the right deal is time-consuming. Worse, deals change all the time, and lists become outdated. But what are the best streaming deals right now? Worry not! This up-to-date list brings you the best streaming TV deals, streaming bundles, and discounts for HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many others. We also highlight the fine print to help you avoid unpleasant surprises down the road. Let’s jump straight into this treasure trove.

Apple TV Plus
Hulu + Spotify
Best Streaming Deals Right Now - HBO Max

HBO Max – Free with some AT&T Unlimited plans

Since AT&T happens to own HBO Max, it can afford to bundle its ad-free version with some of its plans, including wireless, TV, and home internet. You can get it with 1Gbps internet plans and Unlimited Elite wireless subscriptions, as well as with some legacy wireless plans ( Unlimited Enhanced Choice, Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Choice II, Unlimited Enhanced Plus, Unlimited Choice, and some others).

Fine print: You get one  HBO Max subscription per AT&T account, regardless of the number of individual lines you have on it.

Saving: $15 a month

HBO Max (ad-supported) – Free on Cricket Wireless’ Unlimited plan

Another AT&T’s subsidiary (Cricket Wireless) recently started offering an ad-supported version of HBO Max. You can get it if you subscribe to their $60-a-month unlimited plan.

Fine print: Ads (not exactly fine print, but worth emphasizing), no 4K, no offline downloads, no access to new in-theater WB releases. You get one  HBO Max subscription per AT&T account, regardless of the number of individual lines you have on it.

Saving: $10 a month

paramount plus

Paramount Plus – One month free

If you want to get Paramount Plus a try, now you can use for 30 days free. The generous free trial is available for both Essential and Premium plans. With Paramount Plus you get access to premium soccer content (Champion’s League Live), NFL on CBS Live, CBSN’s live news and Nickelodeon’s content for kids.

Fine print: New subscribers only. Essential plan comes with ads. No 4K HDR content.

Saving: Premium – $10 a month, Essential – $5

disney plus logo

Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus – Free with selected Verizon Unlimited plans

AT&T isn’t the only carrier offering streaming services with its mobile plans. Verizon wants you to use its mobile network and to sweeten the offers a content-rich Disney Bundle. It includes Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu, and comes with Play More and Get More unlimited plans. If you prefer a cheaper plan (Play More or Get More) you can still get 6 months of Disney Plus (but not the whole bundle).

You don’t have to be a new Disney subscriber to get this deal. If you have an existing subscription you can simply cancel it and still get a free one via Verizon.

Fine print: You get one Disney subscription per Verizon account, regardless of the number of individual lines you have on it. Play More Unlimited or Get More Unlimited subscribers who got the plat prior to August 2020 need to switch the updated plan’s version to get the bundle.

Saving: $14 a month

Netflix – Free on some T-Mobile Unlimited plans

No streaming deals list is complete without Netflix and you can get it for free via yet another carrier, in this case, T-Mobile who offers the popular service via Netflix on Us packaging. The exact version of Netflix that you’d be getting depends on the specific mobile plan, but there are plenty of options to choose from. T-Mobile keeps adjusting the options, but at the time of writing Premium plans (Magenta Plus, One Plus, and Max) include a $14 a month HD-streaming Netflix Standard to subscribers with multiple lines. Cheaper options (Magenta or one line of Max) include Netflix Basic, which is a $9 a month non-HD version.

Fine print: You get one Netflix subscription per T-MobileĀ account, regardless of the number of individual lines you have on it. Deal details change often.

Saving: $14 a month

apple tv black

Apple TV Plus – Free 1 year some T-Mobile Unlimited plans

Netflix isn’t the only service you can get (at least for a year) for free from T-Mobile. If you’re an Apple TV Plus fan, now you can enjoy a free year of its content as a T-Mobile customer. The deal is available to Magenta and Magenta Plus T-Mobile subscribers, customers with some specialized plans including Magenta Military, Magenta First Responders, Magenta 55 Plus, and T-Mobile for Business (small business owners), and Sprint plan subscribers (Sprint Premium and Sprint Unlimited Plus).

Fine print: The deal ends on July 31, 2022

Saving: $5 a month

spotify hulu

Hulu, Spotify and Showtime – low-price bundle for students

If you’re a student and happen to like music in addition to TV shows, this bundle from Spotify will offer you some substantial savings. You can get Spotify Premium, Showtime, and an ad-supported version of Hulu via Spotify’s Premium Student offer for $5 a month, which would save you $22 monthly.

Fine print: Eligibility must be verified every 12 months. The offer is available for up to four years total.

Saving: $22 a month

Know more deals? Comment below and we’ll add them to the list. Finding the best streaming TV deals should not be a hassle. Happy streaming!

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