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Hello, Morning!

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I love mornings. Of all times and moments of a typical day, morning stands apart in its unmatched clarity. There is something about these few hours that makes them unlike any other time.

Mornings are not always easy. In fact, more often than not, they aren’t. They are not always happy. They don’t necessarily greet me with sunshine and birds singing (and sometimes when they do, it’s an hour earlier than I wanted to wake up). They bring in to-do lists and chores, problems to solve and errands to run. They bring in news, which these days are hardly a happy reading. They put me face to face with all the issues I haven’t resolved, all goals I haven’t accomplished, and all frustrations I’ve left unaddressed. They are the entrance to the busyness of the day, and they tend to be really good at reminding you of that five minutes after you are up.

And yet, they are the most magical hours of the day. Because with all the problems and challenges they bring possibility.

The possibility to fix mistakes — even if I make new ones in the process. The possibility to resolve problems. The possibility to make progress toward my goals. To spend time with people I love. To learn something new. To think about new things. To do new things. To breath in — and to put that oxygen to some good use.

The possibility to live.

And that is the most amazing possibility in the world. Here’s to the morning — the everyday’s miracle of re-entering the world.

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