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Everyone has one thing that defines that person more than anything else. Some people realize what it is when they are still in their teens. For others, it takes years to find out. And then there are some who know it almost for as long as they can remember themselves. Sometimes their journey can take them far from that single thing, but they never lose sight of it. Because it’s not just a characteristic. It’s who they are.

I belong to that last category. And that single defining thing for me is writing. I’ve been writing for years. Novels. Short stories. Articles. Blog posts. Countless documents. You may have even read some of my books.

But in our hyper-connected world, a writer’s ideas often are overshadowed by—or too much intertwined with—the writer’s identity. And so I’ve decided to break that link. This is my place for pure writing. For writing that’s completely disconnected from my other projects. Here, I am Nom de Plume in every sense of these words.

Welcome to my world.

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