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Posts tagged as “writing”

The Journey Ahead

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Isn’t it amazing how getting an answer often prompts us to ask more questions? There’s an old well-known story about Zeno of Elea, the famed thinker who lived in 5th…

The Mystery of Mystery

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“The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer.” — Ken Kesey The world is full of mysteries. What is dark matter made of? How was Stonehenge built? What’s…

The Uncomfort Zone

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Ever since I started my recent intense writing journey, the number of topics I want to write about has been expanding steadily (exponentially would have been a much snappier choice…

The Anatomy of Clickbait

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Ah, the clickbait. The nemesis of the online (meaning every) reader. Whether you know its definition or not, you have seen it many, many times, perhaps even today. In fact,…

Of Claps and Men

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This is another post, written for Medium, that applies fully to any online writing. In case you are not familiar with Medium, a clap is its equivalent of Facebook’s like,…

You Are Your Niche

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Context: this post was written for a Medium publication, but its main idea applies to any writing, especially to writing online articles. You can find the original post along with…